Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of trading accounts does Zundiao Securities offer?
  2. Zundiao Securities offers Cash Securities trading account. Client can open an individual account, joint account or corporate account

  3. What documents are needed to open an account at Zundiao Securities?
  4. Individual / Joint Account

    • Identity document e.g. HKID Card/Passport of the Account Holder(s);
    • Residential Address Proof of the Account Holder(s) e.g. bank statement or utility bill issued within the past 3 months

    Corporate Account

    • Self-Certification Form - Entity;
    • Self-Certification Form - Controlling Person;
    • Form W-8BEN-E;
    • Board minutes approving opening of account;
    • A certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association;
    • A certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
    • A certified copy of the latest 3 months for address proof of the Company's place of business in Hong Kong (e.g. bank statement or utility bill etc.);
    • HKID/ Passport copies with signatures for all director(s), shareholder(s) holding 10% or more of the voting rights/ share capital and authorized person(s);
    • The latest 3 months for proof of residential address for all director(s), shareholder(s) holding 10% or more of the voting rights/ share capital and authorized person(s)

    For Companies Incorporated in Hong Kong

    • A certified copy of valid Business Registration Certificate;
    • Details of Directors in Forms D1, D2 or D3, and latest Annual Return

    For Companies Incorporated in Overseas

    • A certified true copy of a company search report certified by a company registry (or similar for company incorporated overseas) or professional third part (certified true copy of a certificate of incumbency), which the report should have been issued within the last 6 months;
    • A certified copy of the Register of Directors;
    • A certified copy of the Register of Members

  5. Is there any minimum deposit requirement when opening an account?
  6. There is no minimum deposit requirement for account opening.

  7. How can I open an account?
  8. Clients can come visit Zundiao Securities’ office in person or send us the completed account opening form with other required documents by post.

    Office Address (Hong Kong): Room 601, 6/F, On Hong Commercial Building, 145 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

    Office Hour: 9:00am to 5:30pm (Mon – Fri); Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

  9. How long does it take to open a trading account?
  10. The process usually will be completed within 2-3 working days after we received all relevant documents and they are properly signed.

  11. Are there any charges for opening a trading account?
  12. No. There is no account opening fee. Regarding the commission, fees and levies.

  1. How to deposit fund into Zundiao Securities’ Account?
  2. Please view the page ‘ Deposit / Withdrawal ’ for details.

  3. When is the cutoff time of cheque deposit?
  4. The cutoff time of cheque deposit is 3pm. Cheque deposited thereafter will be processed on the next trading day.

    Cheque deposited on Saturday will also be processed on the next trading day.

  5. When will a deposit be shown at clients’ Zundiao Securities account? When can it be used for trading?
  6. If the deposit is made by cheque on or before 3pm, the amount will be shown in the account immediately. When the deposit can be used for trading is based on the following situation:

    • Cheque deposited on Saturday will also be processed on the next trading day.

  7. Can clients earn inbterst for the fund deposited at Zundiao Securities account?
  8. If the deposit rate set by Zundiao Securities is above 0%, the cash balance at client account will receive credit interest accrued daily. The accrued interest will be deposited to clients’ Zundiao Securities account on the first day of the following month.

  9. How to withdraw fund? When is the cutoff time of fund withdrawal?
  10. Clients can withdraw fund through Zundiao Web or Zundiao Mobile App.

    Withdrawal made before 12pm on any trading day will receive the amount deposited by crossed cheque to the registered bank account in the afternoon on the same trading day.

    Withdrawal made after 12pm on any trading day or non-trading day will receive the amount deposited by crossed cheque to the registered bank account in the afternoon on the next trading day.

  11. Can the fund withdrawal instruction be cancelled?
  12. Clients could cancel your fund withdrawal request before 12pm on the cutoff day:

    Go to "Account Balance", then selecting "Withdrawal" and specify the account. It could click "Remove" to cancel if the status still in “Pending”. The fund under the cancelled withdrawal can be used for trading immediately.

  1. How are the fees charged by Zundiao Securities?
  2. Please view the page ‘Charging Scheme’ for details.

  3. Does Zundiao Securities collect monthly or annual fee, or custodian fee?
  4. Zundiao Securities does not collect any monthly or annual fee, or custodian fee.

    Even when there is no fund or securities at the account, the client need not pay any maintenance fee.

  1. How to place orders at Zundiao Securities Web?
  2. When clients logon to Zundiao Securites’ Web, click the "order" icon, and the quotation window will open. Entering the securities code and pressing "Buy" or "Sell" button, clients can input the needed information to place an order. If clients want to place a market order, press "Market Buy" or "Market Sell" button instead.

    Clients can also place their orders through Zundiao Securities’ Mobile App — ‘Zundiao Trader’. Please view the page ‘ Online Trading Platform ’ for details.

  3. What is the maximum lot size of a securities order?
  4. A securities order can have the quantity range from one board lot to 3,000 board lots.

    If clients have limited fund, the maximum quantity is the maximum number of board lots (if less than 3,000 board lots) that can be purchased using the fund in the account. For sell orders, the maximum quantity is the number held (if less than 3,000 board lots) by the clients.

  5. Is it a must for clients to deposit funds before placing orders? Can clients trade immediately after depositing cheques?
  6. All clients must deposit sufficient fund by cash, cheque, bank draft or bank transfer before securities purchase.

    Clients can place orders once Zundiao Securities confirms the fund transfer. If deposit is made by cheque, the treatment is based on the following situations:

    • If the cleared securities portfolio value is not less than the cheque amount, and the cheque deposit is not over HK$100,000, client can place orders at once

  7. Can clients use the sale proceed to buy securities right after selling?
  8. The sale proceeds from the sale of securities can be used immediately for purchase instead of waiting until the settlement date.

    The policy to allow buying right after selling gives more flexibility to clients to utilize their fund.

  9. Can clients sell the securities just bought?
  10. The securities purchased through Zundiao Securities Web can be sold immediately.

    Even the purchase order has only been partially matched, the securities already purchased can be sold. The policy to allow selling right after buying gives more flexibility to clients to utilize their fund.

  11. Can clients place an order for the following trading day?
  12. Zundiao Securities Web allows clients to enter next-day order instruction after market close. At market open on the next trading day, Zundiao Secuities Web will automatically place the order to the market. Zundiao Securities Web provides 24-hour trading services. Clients can still manage their orders on weekends and public holidays.

  13. How can clients trade HKD-traded shares and RMB-traded shares under the Dual Tranche, Dual Counter Model (“DTDC Model”)/ Dual Counter Model?
  14. Customers can initiate the trading of stocks under the DTDC Model/ Dual Counter Model via Zundiao Securities. For customers who would like to trade stocks in the same currency and the same counter, please follow the existing buy/ sell process with the respective stock codes as usual.

    For customers who would like to trade stocks in another currency and hence another counter, you shall complete the share transfer to respective currency and counter prior to trading.

  15. How to transfer shares between multi-counters under the DTDC Model?
  16. Since cross-counter trading under the DTDC Model is only applicable for the stocks being transferred completely, intra-day cross-counter trading is not available in Zundiao Securities.

    The processing time for the requested transfer is at least 2 trading days upon the receipt of instruction by Zundiao Securities. Customers can check against your updated portfolio and submit trading instructions accordingly.

    Please note that the instruction of stock transfer between multi-counters cannot be cancelled or amended once submitted. On the day of the transfer instruction received, there must be sufficient settled shares for the stock transfer or the instruction will be deemed as void.

  1. What types of statements will clients receive?
  2. When clients have completed a transaction, deposit / withdraw fund or stock, apply for IPO, or receive the distribution from listed companies, they will receive the electronic consolidated statement in the evening the same day.

    If clients have been involved in the above activities, or the account balance has cash balance or deficit, or securities holding, they will receive the electronic monthly statement within the first 3 trading days of the following month.

    Electronic statements will be sent to the clients' email address. Clients can keep them for record.

  3. Can clients receive the statements by mail?
  4. If clients want to receive statements by mail, extra charges will be incurred. Please view the page Charging Scheme for details.

  5. Why the electronic statements have not been received?
  6. If clients cannot receive the electronic statements from Zundiao Securities, clientsy may check the junk mailbox to find it.

    Certain email management software and Internet email providers filter emails, and treat emails from new senders as spams. Therefore, users must set emails from Certain email management software and Internet email providers filter emails, and treat emails from new senders as spams. Therefore, users must set emails from as a trusted source, or else, clients have to get the electronic statement from your junk mailbox.

    If clients still cannot receive the electronic statement, please contact Customer Service Department of Zundiao Securities.

  1. How to download Zundiao’s Mobile App?
  2. Comming soon

  3. Can client have access to Zundiao’s Mobile App when they are overseas?
  4. Zundiao’s Mobile App is accessible as long as clients have an Internet connection and are using one of the Supported mobile handsets. Clients can check with their telecommunication service provider for details.

  5. Are Chargeable Real-time Quotes consolidated across different e-channels provided by Zundiao Securities?
  6. Yes, Zundiao Securities consolidates all usages across different e-channels.

  1. What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?
  2. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security measure that Zundiao Securities is implementing to enhance the security of online trading. When clients logon to their online trading account, they can obtain a One-Time Password (OTP) through either one of the two means below. Clients can only trade after applying the OTP on the online trading platform.

    • A 6 digits OTP will be sent to clients’ registered email address in Zunidao Securities; OR
    • Clients can also use the 2FA App – ‘heeToken’ to gain a digits OTP

    With the introduction of 2FA, clients are required to provide the followings in order to perform transactions through their online trading accounts:
    • Account Number
    • Login Password
    • OTP to be sent to clients’ registered email address or obtain from the app - ‘heeToken’

  3. Can clients refuse to use 2FA to logon to their trading accounts?
  4. The implementation of 2FA is required by SFC. Clients are required to enter the OTP to authenticate their login process.

  5. Why 2FA for online trading is implemented in Zundiao Securities and what are the benefits?
  6. Zundiao Securities is committed to providing our customers with a high level of online security. 2FA is a stronger form of identity validation and authentication as it relies on:

    • Information Clients know (Account Number and Login Password)
    • Information Zundiao Securities provides to clients (OTP sent to registered email address or obtained from the App - ‘heeToken’)

    The introduction of 2FA will mean a greater peace of mind for clients when trading online.

  7. Why does the system do not accept the OTP?
  8. The randomly generated 6-digit OTP is only valid for a short period of time。If clients enter an expired OTP, they will receive a message requesting to try again. Please click on the “Resend OTP” button on the OTP page to generate a new OTP and enter this PIN.

    If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service Department of Zundiao Securities at (852) 3184 0689 for assistance.

  1. What are the hardware requirements to run Zundiao Securities’ Web?
    • Personal Computers
      • Pentium IV or above
      • 256 MB Ram or more
      • Windows XP or above
      • Apple computers
    • Mobile Phones(Zundiao Securities App)
      • IOS
      • Android

  2. Which Browsers can run Zundiao Securities’ Web?
  3. All the following browsers can run Zundiao Securities’ Web:

    Google Chrome, Internet Exploer, FireFox, Safari

  4. How does Zundiao Securities’ Web protect client information and trade security?
  5. Zundiao Securities concerns deeply with security of client information and trading:

    • Zundiao Securities’ servers have multiple security implementation: staff entering server room must have the security card and password, and the server has a number of access passwords. Clients’ passwords are stored in the database in encrypted form, so even staff of Zundiao Securities cannot obtain any clients’ passwords.
    • Data sent or received by Zundiao Securities’ Web are encrypted. More important information like login password, is further encrypted to ensure security during Internet transfer.

    Regarding the security of client computers, Zundiao Securities advises clients to use more secured browser.

  6. Can clients login Zundiao Securities’ Web through proxy server?
  7. Zundiao Securites’ Web allows direct connection or connection through proxy server.

    Clients need not choose the way of connection as Zundiao Securities’ Web can detect the connection mode itself.

    As the speed of proxy server depends on the settings at the client side, the speed of Zundiao Securities will also be affected. Normally, connection through proxy server is slower than direct connection.

    If clients cannot access Zundiao Securities’ Web, they may logon Zundiao Securities’ App.

  8. Why Zundiao Securities’ Web would logout automatically?
  9. Zundiao Securities’ Web may logout automatically due to reasons below:

    • Connection to the Internet is broken; OR
    • ISP has changed the IP of clients’ computer; OR
    • Clients’ account is logged in again; OR
    • Zundiao Securities’ Web is undergoing system upgrade