Securities Trading

Zundiao Securities Company Limited ("Zundiao Securities" or "the Company") is a local financial institution. It is an exchange participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Broker No. 6148) and a Licensed Corporation (CE No. BMR631) with the Securities and Futures Commission in respect of carrying out the regulated activity of Dealing in Securities (Type 1).

Zundiao Securities provides comprehensive, reliable and convenient local securities trading services to individual and institutional investors. Clients are able to capture every single investment opportunity to enhance their return through the use of the user-friendly electronic trading platform.

Our Services
  • Local Securities Trading

  • Account Management Service

  • Reliable Settlement Procedures

  • Collection of Cash Dividend

  • Collection of Bonus Shares / Warrants

  • IPO Subscription

  • Rights Issue Subscription

  • Exercise of Stock Options / Warrants

  • Shares Consolidation / Splitting

  • Shares Custodian

By using the app - Zundiao Trader , clients can manage their accounts anytime